“I appreciate Madelon’s sharp mind and her adaptability. We worked with culturally diverse teams in Unilever Europe and she connected so easily. She’s convincing. She created successful work for our hair care brand turnarounds and packaging relaunches. Beautiful stuff.”

Andrei Gemeneanu, former VP Brand Development Unilever

“Madelon is a very creative, hands-on, passionate, dedicated marketer and strategist. She excels at ensuring her teams radiate with energy through her personal leadership and will help stimulate creativity, innovation and daring experimentation.”

Joost Houben, Senior Marketing Director Unilever Refreshment

“A marketeer at heart and a strategist in the brain, that’s what I saw when Madelon was part of my client team at BCG. She is a natural with FMCG brands and environments. I recognize her analytical skills, the way she can dive deep into consumers’ needs and habits and bring that to the essence. To execution. And fun to work with on top of all that!”

Marty Smits, former Partner at BCG (the Boston Consulting Group)

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