Which services really help?

Services vary from short coaching for specific growth questions to brand strategy days, brand identity projects, positioning and fractional interim-assignments (CMO-as-a-Service). All faster, more fun, energetic and less fragmented than you will get from larger agencies.

When developing a brand or business strategy, first of all we’ll search for a better understanding of needs and solutions. What matters is that we will start grasping the relationship between company and customers on an emotional level, because this is the level at which us humans make choices. We will do research through interviews and prevent the existence of false assumptions.

We’ll also discover what drives you as a business owner or leader in your company. Your personal purpose, your values. We’ll put these next to brand or business values and look for overlap to enlarge them. We will come up with big goals and work back to how we will realise them. We develop a strong brand personality, innovative concepts and the right way to communicate these.

When purpose, positioning and propositions are clear, all that’s left is to plan and execute.

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